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Just a short note to thank you for your excellent service. I recently bought 2 pairs of the Universal 3D glasses, I knew they were going to be an excellent choice as I had read reviews on the 'net'.

What I can't get over is your service. I placed an on-line order on Monday afternoon, and received the goods on Tuesday morning. Well packaged and fast delivery.

Once again thank you.


3D3 glasses are excellent, but the secret best thing is their customer service, I had a bit of an emergency where I needed an extra pair in a big hurry for a film night, and a few emails with their extremely friendly customer services guys had me sorted out with next day delivery. The glasses arrived bang on time and film night was saved! Really can't recommend them enough.



BenQ loaned us two types of active-shutter 3D glasses to go with our review sample: the first a chunky, thick pair which is non-rechargeable; and a later, updated version that’s lighter and rechargeable. We never got either to work – the chunky pair failed to sync, and rechargeable pair refused to hold charge. What worked really well for us was a pair of A1114 DLP-Link glasses from 3D3, which synced first time and gave a sufficiently bright 3-D picture (we measured a maximum of 35 cd/m2 through the shuttering lens) that remained well-saturated even during low-light scenes. The darkening effect of the active-shutter glasses did its part in lowering the black floor, adding punch to the 3D image.

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Just thought I'd drop you a quick thank you! Glasses arrived at work 8:45 Tues morning. Very good service. Very impressed with quality of the glasses - I sell TV's as a day job so I see some awful 3d specs supplied with Telly's. Already recommending you!



...Panasonic has decided not to include any 3D glasses with the AX630 series, so we whipped out a pair of 3D3 active-shutter glasses – our current favourite third-party 3D eyewear due to its ability to maintain a reasonably bright image despite the shuttering lenses...

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This product is giving better image quality than original 3D Optoma glasses


I have received the 3D3 3D eyewear, thank you - work perfectly with DLP link 144hz for my InFocus IN8606 projector.


Brilliant product and service. Bought the A1114 and A1124 DLP glasses. Unfortunately the wrong ones were sent, a quick email later and replacements were sent the next day, with a return envelope for the incorrect ones. Really great service. As for the glasses, they are brilliant, far better than the much more expensive Optoma ZD201 that came with my projector.


I use them with a JVC X3 projector,Sony HX series tv and Samsung LC750 tv. I can honestly say they work perfect with all 3 units, I prefer the look and feel of these glasses over most of the others as the arms are a soft rubber construction not the normal hard uncomfortable plastic. Performance wise they have larger lenses than most of my others and that is an improvement as it stops light intrusion. I think that at last there is now an affordable solutuion to the rip off prices that the big manufacturers are charging and they are better well done.

R T, Newport NP10

Great packaging and glasses, very complete. A little bit lesS brighter picture than the Panasonic ME glasses but if I had known TPS earlier I would not have bought the other ME pair from Panasonic.

Great price performance and quality.

F S, Netherlands

Thanks very much for your excellent service. The phone call to check my order and advice to guide me to the A1112 was above and beyond, keep up the great work.

N M, Dunstable LU6

My order for 3 pairs arrived a few days ago . I am most impressed by them so much so that I have just ordered another two pairs! I will share the enhanced viewing experience with some neighbours over the holidays and beyond.

The glasses really do exceed expectations.They are much more comfortable to wear than the Panasonic ones that came with my 65 ZT TV. I love the feel of the glasses both in the hand and on my nose. They go over my spectacles with no problem at all.

The 3-D is much more real than before. I had previously found 3-D on a home TV was something of a gimmick but the 3D3s are so immersive they really add to the entertainment value.

R H, Hildenborough TN11


Have used the OOB Panny glasses but as I wear prescription glasses, I find them uncomfortable to wear - also the glossy reflective surface is dreadful. Why Panny? Why?

The 3D3 glasses are bigger, have bigger lenses, a nice Matt finish, and are so comfortable - even when worn over the top of prescription glasses.

I find that the 3D3 glasses give me a clearer, brighter, and more colourful picture that has more depth.

Need to do more testing but so far I'm finding them a 100% improvement over the free Panasonics.

I was unhappy with the glasses supplied with my Panasonic TV something was not quite right. Then I got the 3d3 Classics and it clicked into place these are great glasses, very stylish and very comfortable. Performance wise they also go to another level with less cross talk. Dark images suddenly become that bit clearer making more of the image present. I see an improvement in blacks as well and an all round better much improved picture. All in all I highly recommend the 3d3 Classics and the service and delivery times from TPS were excellent.

D C, Nottingham NG15

Thank you very much for a superb service. I ordered my glasses yesterday, received a helpful phone call the same day and the glasses arrived this morning. They look great.

High quality 3D glasses, ordered and delivered with super efficiency.

Although I bought on the internet your friendly telephone call and help made me feel as if I was dealing with a shop around the corner.

M L, Loughton IG10

Just to let you know that I received my glasses on Saturday morning (22/6/13) !! Wow what amazing postal service we have at times!

Also I would like to say how happy I was with the way you packaged the items so that they arrived in perfect condition. Please pass on my thanks to your dispatch people.

Lastly just like to say I'm very pleased with the 3D3 glasses, great quality and functionality.

Just a bit of feedback from a satisfied customer!

M G, New Zealand

Having tried all the different manufacturer glasses the 3D3 ones are the best I've used. They are extremely comfortable and lightweight with fantastic battery life.

A H, Hereford HR1

Great product better than manufacturer supplied glasses, my wife wears glasses and these go over the top which is fantastic as is the improved image clarity.

A K, Essex SS2

I bought the 3D3 glasses from TPS originally to go with the Panasonic plasma I bought from TPS, what can I say these are the best 3D glasses I've ever had, and over the past few years with different projectors and tvs there's been a few!

I also have the Sony KDL-55HX853. The Sony 3D glasses are good as long as your head is kept still and straight, if you tilt your head (only slightly) to the right the pic goes redder and darker, if you tilt left it goes bluer? Not great sony! I found by using the 3D3 glasses (which sync to this Sony as well with no probs) ALL the Sony glasses problems have gone! I was really pleasantly surprised, I didn't realise it was a glasses only issue! Plus there doesn't appear to be as much crosstalk using the 3D3's! Well done TPS, I'd say the 3D3's are the best 3D glasses on the market at the moment!

I'd also like to add that ALL the staff at TPS go above and beyond to make sure customer satisfaction is their number 1 priority. It's nice to deal with people who actually know what they are talking about....it's a refreshing change!

R L, Derbyshire SK13

As with most new things I was a little afraid that the 3D experience would not be quite what I had expected, but I have to say that it is much more than expected thanks to your Glasses.

As you know, Panasonic don't really supply the Active glasses with their sets except that they had a special offer which you had to complete on line and they sent you 2 pairs. Well, I can tell you they are not a patch on those purchased from you so I would have no hesitation in recommending people to buy with confidence from you.

A M, Denbighshire LL17

The 3D Glasses I Purchased from TPS are a top bit of kit, a lot lighter than the ones I purchased from Currys (2 pairs and at £99 a pair) well say no more and my eyes don't get so tired after using them, and no more button batteries to replace every few weeks so all in all a damn good buy.

PS Anyone want to buy 4 pairs of Panasonic 3D Glasses (Sorry buy your own batteries)

G P-J, Wiltshire SN6


Received my 3D3 glasses from TPS yesterday and I have to say I'm impressed. Much more sturdy design when compared to the free glasses provided by Panasonic (my 5 year old sat on a pair of the Panasonic ones and cracked one of the lenses).

The 3D3 glasses have a good wrap around style so the block light coming in from the sides well thus avoiding flicker, they are large enough to fit over my regular glasses and Avatar looked excellent last night. Compared to the free glasses I felt the picture had more depth and colours were better.

what hifi

Since many active 3D glasses are now cross-manufacturer compatible, and prices vary by not inconsiderable margins, would What Hi-Fi consider a 3D specs group test for a future issue?

I've been comparing Panasonic's TY-ER3D4ME specs with the 3D3 A1112 Universal 3D glasses

I think the 3D3 A1112s outperform Panasonic's TY-ER3D4ME in several regards, though you don't see much written about them (I bought them after reading positive user accounts on AV Forums).

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First impressions. Immediately noticed less flickering than the Panasonic glasses, making the image much easier to watch. This alone was worth it. Objects and especially motion that is projected closer the viewer (the extreme 3D effect in front the screen, so to speak) appears more solid and well defined, with better 3D effect. (In the Panasonic glasses, this would often become somewhat "ghostly" and hard to follow.) The picture appears a lot more blue than the Panasonic glasses, and so appears brighter. I didn't actually notice any difference in white-level after I adjusted RGB gains. Also noticing less crushed shadow detail with improved 3D effect, I was able to turn brightness setting down. I'm not sure about crosstalk yet. I'm quite well satisfied.

G T, New Zealand

Brilliant glasses - work superbly, very fast delivery & very well packaged A++++

K A, Isle of Man, IM7


Mine arrived late this afternoon, great glasses and better than the Panasonic ones, no flicker with mine which I was getting with the Panasonic ones. Here's a video if anyone wants to see them.


When using the supplied Panasonic 3D glasses to watch 3D flims, I have always been on the receiving end of a blinding headache after 30mins.

Well I tried the 3D3 glasses from TPS, yesterday. I was able to sit through Avengers Assembled and in the evening Avatar without a hint of distress to my eyes and brainbox.

I also increased the contrast and brightness settings by one increment to compensate for the slight darkening of the image by the lenses in the glasses.

So a big thumbs up for the glasses and I will be ordering some more.

I'm pleased with the replacement glasses I received and they are noticeably better than the Panasonic ones. Thanks for the quick turnaround and impressive service.

K R, Hants GU35


Had my new 3d3 glasses from Tps today WoW what a difference much more detail and the 3d looks immense , depth and pop also looks a lot better compared to the pannys,highly recommended

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Heres my mini review on the 3D3 Universal 3D Glasses Vs the Panasonic TY-ER3D4MA 3D Eyewear Battery Glasses.

First things first during my time testing both these glasses Ive used the following for reference. Tron Legacy 3D bluray, LG Cod Fish demo, Cross talk test pattern, Wipeout HD in 3D, 2D-3D demos of Final Fantasy 13 and general tv shows, 009: Re:Cyborg 3D preview on Viera 3D app, COD:Black Ops in 3D on the PS3, De Blob 2 on the Xbox 360, 3D Chainsaw Kid on Youtube, Prometheus 3D and Ice Age 4 3D previews on the 3doo app. So all in all a fair bit of testing material.

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Excellent product very Impressed with them . I had to send a pair back as they wouldn't pair with my tv but they where replaced ASAP , service excellent , now all indeed is a smaller size for my son.

A L, County Durham SR8

I am extremely pleased with the results, so much so I have purchased two pairs myself in favour of the default Panasonics supplied with my 65VT50. These new glasses have lighter lenses when compared to the Panasonics and the picture is a lot more brighter while still maintaining the deep black levels. Also the colour temperature when viewed through these 3D3 glasses is a nicer shade and seems a lot more natural and easier on the eye. Finally the build quality is fantastic and they feel really nice and comfortable to wear as well as being very lightweight. Congratulations TPS you have a very nice product with these new glasses , highly recommended.

K L, Cheshire CW12

One thing for certain they're a lot better fit than the panasonic battery ones.

The 3D3 have a much lighter lens than the Panasonic battery glasses. Very nice and light too. Easy to set up took all of 10secs to do. Great finish to the glasses and unlike the Panasonic after an hour the glasses don't dig into the side of my head.

J H, Notts DN22