Prescription lenses for 3D3 Eyewear

We are excited to announce the availability of prescription lenses for 3D3 eyewear. As all spectacle wearers will appreciate wearing one pair of glasses instead of two is a lot more comfortable.

The lenses developed for use in 3D3 glasses have a flat surface which eliminates the air gap between the lenses, thereby eliminating reflection between them, providing the user a truer viewing experience than by using two pairs of glasses. We believe this greatly improves the 3D experience for spectacle wearers.

Current 3D3 eyewear owners can purchase prescription lenses for retro fitting to existing 3D3 eyewear. This fitting service is free simply sending your glasses and prescription to us. New purchases will be delivered with prescription lenses already fitted.

3D3 prescription lenses can be changed so if your prescription changes your can install new lenses into your existing glasses with no need to replace 3D3 eyewear.

Due to lens thickness prescription restrictions apply. Please use the form below to send a copy of your prescription including PD (Pupillary Distance*) so we can check it fits within the limitations for 3D3 glasses.

Remember as your prescription glasses are using 3D3 technology you will be experiencing the same great image quality but with more comfort.

* Pupillary Distance is not usually provided as part of a standard prescription. Please download the PD ruler to measure your own PD.

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